Many people think that success is about net worth or money. I do too… kind of.

Years ago I did some work with a money shadow coach. I’d been doing work for over a decade around my shadows, money shadow included. What was different was the eye opening realization that there is no amount of money worth long term unhappiness.

It was simple and yet it was one of those realizations that hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was during this time that I found the research that was done in 2010 and a scale of income and correlation with happiness going up until around 75K which is 90K in today’s money. There is new research that may dispel this idea but I’ll let you look into that yourself.

Money will solve some problems but not solve all problems. This will get you in big trouble if you believe it will.

What was most important to me was having a quality life. I LOVE nice things but I asked myself, am I content?

Life is actually about earning and spending soul dollars. From our daily lives, our experiences, to our relationships they’re all somewhere on the scale of life giving or depleting. If I live my life in accordance with that kind of ledger my life can be more in harmony.

Where this gets interesting is where we spend those soul dollars. Humans are wired for growth, adaptation, and evolution. Since life is an ever emerging and evolving experience even if we try to stay the same the world outpaces us.

Crazy as it seems we spend those dollars on foolish things and wonder why we aren’t happy. We get seduced by comfort and pleasure and piss our soul dollars away on things that don’t have any return.

If you make wise investments with your soul dollars now you’ll have a quality life in the future, if you don’t invest them wisely you’ll end up confused and incongruent with the way the world works.

The opportunity:

What puts soul dollars in your bank?

Where is your biggest liability with spending soul dollars?

What is your investment plan for having a quality life in the future and not just a comfortable life?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!