Our constant battle is with losing track of what’s truly important.

Happiness, theoretically is available at any instant. During meditation… well that’s relatively easy. But how about while having a heated conversation with someone important to you? Or in traffic?

Managing our inner dialogue, understanding how to become completely present in any moment, and the ability to take our being to a level that’s beyond the mundane bullshit that’s surrounding us is the key to peace and oneness. There’s a stratus of our being that’s sacred. People call this our spiritual facet, our soul, our hearts, the place of our being that’s connected to everyone and everything. Call it what you want.

Happiness can happen but only when we’re able to keep our focus on what really matters. And I believe we focus on what really matters when we stay conscious of the fact that we’re going to die and that our time is finite. This is the key to live through love and compassion rather than ego.

We’ve been conditioned to do things counter to our deepest priorities. This is pretty much universal. Our needs are almost constantly highjacked by societal imprinting that cause us to bypass important things and settle for unevolved, lower level fulfillment. Buying shit, getting people to like us, or anything that has to do with wanting, desire, or the lack of something is what I’m talking about.

Another problem is that we spend most of our lives trying to not feel. Our ways of going numb, checking out, and going unconscious are as vast as imaginable. The problem with this is that we never get to practice containing ourselves when we feel intensely. We feel anger and we want to go numb. We feel afraid and we’re overcome with negative sensations that we’ll do anything to make go away.

Our spiritual level is what causes us to have meaning, juiciness, vitality. It’s also pretty intense so it creates a paradox that we battle throughout life. We want meaning but when experiencing it most of the time we want it to go away.

What’s important to you and how are you building the capacity to actually attain it?

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