We’re wired to change. Evolution is the way of the universe and humans. Wow! That’s a big idea. Tony Robbins has talked about the six human needs. I don’t know if he stole them from somewhere but I patch them from him all the time. Thanks, Tony. 

Four physical needs-certainty, uncertainty, significance, and connection. 

Two spiritual needs-growth and contribution. 

So if Tony says it, it must be so. No, just joking, here’s the deal-once we sort out good ratios of dependability, spontaneity, connection, and be the special snowflake you are, we’re probably humming along pretty well. 

Growth and evolution take risk. Risk isn’t for everyone. Risk is juicy, exciting, and scary. Sounds like just the thing for me. It means being wrong. It means criticizing our thoughts and a willingness to upset the apple cart. 

Disorder is the way of change. So… here comes the harmonics part. We fall into an equilibrium with our reality. It’s familiar and even when it’s fucked it’s comfortable because it’s certain. We trade a low level need for a high level need and we do it every day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

The problem is that we need to take a tuning fork to our lives compared to the universe. Every single one of us is out of tune. The wax that’s built up in our ears is hindering our ability to get I tune. (Clean the wax out of your ears!!!)

Sometimes we get that baby in tune and it instantly sounds right and other times it sounds off because we’ve been conditioned to think that the wrong sound is the right sound. Most of us don’t even know that we’re out of harmony. 

Here comes the pontificating… life is about finding our rhythm. It’s about getting in sync with the patterns and timing of more beautiful music. 

Throughout life things happen that result in an arrhythmia. Our hearts and souls are out of beat with who we really are. 

It’s time to change the music you play. 

The opportunity:

Where do you need to create some disorder in your life?

What facet of your life needs to be harmonized?

Why are you not feeling the rhythm of the universe?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!