Last week I talked about truth. I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it. Seeking the truth requires inquiry. The truth is said to never change. I get that so if it changes it must not be the truth yet. As we explore deep down into ourselves we find the layers I talked about last week. You should do this. This exploration requires review and inquiry. Throughout life we almost always end up being confronted with hypocrisy is our thoughts and beliefs. These are the wondrous paradox we get to entertain and sit with and sometimes hold onto for as long as is needed until we have a large enough consciousness to hold the competing ideas, hypocrisies, and paradoxes.

I’ll provide example; our ego convinces us all to see evidence of our beliefs so we can feel “certain” (I know this to be true.). So if we believe that people are bad and that the world is out to get us, everywhere we look we’ll find evidence of that. And we will believe this will be the truth. The truth might actually be that people are both good and bad and also everything in between. That’s what being a human is… human. My argument is that the truth has layers that are shifting through different stratus of understanding of ourselves and the world. So what is the truth and how do I/you/we find it? Fuck!

This week the plot thickens… think of a time someone asked you a question that you had never really thought about. You could say that you don’t know or you never thought about it or I’m going to have to give that some thought before I answer or you could simply say what you believe to be true in that moment. Sounds good, right?
Sometimes in this wonderful world of options I’ve just gone with what’s on top, depending on my mood I might choose to find the truth being different when I’m feeling different. (I’m not even talking about the lies we tell ourselves. And throughout time often the truth changes. Why? Think for a minute and ask yourself why have I often changed my mind after time goes by. As we learn, we grow, and as we grow our understandings of ourselves deepens and shifts occur.

We attach ourselves to “truth” as our ego is forming and often we never look at it again. We will neglect to criticize our thoughts and/or the early formation of those thoughts that are then the basis of our belief system and philosophical underpinning for life.

Next week I’ll talk about how we transmit and convey ourselves based on what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world.

The opportunity;

What do you often experience people as?
Bad? Selfish? Generous? Thoughtful?
What do you often experience money as?
Elusive? Troubling? Easy? Confusing?
What do you often experience love as?
Painful? Rich? Intense? Foreign?
What do you often experience yourself as?
Good? Bad? Fucked up? Alone?

Have the answers to these changes throughout your life?
Do they need to?

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