We think 80,000 to 150,000 thought each day. (You know where you probably land?!) I’ve said this before. If you know the slightest bit about neuro linguistic programming (NLP), you know that what you think correlates with what we say and how we feel. It’s all connected. It’s also estimated that approximately 80% of our thoughts are false or negative. Yeah… fuck.

So I’ll be dramatic for a minute and say what we think and how we focus on the quality of our thoughts is an all out fucking war. Each thought when accounted for can be turned toward positivity and in alignment with what you say you want. But you have to wake up, focus, and work hard.

Many of us were told when we were younger, “You can do anything you want.” “If you want something you have to put your mind to it.” Some of us believed this and put ourselves in the #mindset of accomplishment and some didn’t. Maybe you weren’t told that? It doesn’t matter. It’s never to late to believe in yourself and go to battle with your mind and start amassing thoughts on the side of the ledger that’s positive. (Self love, happiness, trust, believing you can do, be, have what you want and need.)

When you say to yourself that you’re worthless, unworthy, unloveable, a fuck up, stupid, broken, blah blah blah… it’s all a lie. When thoroughly examined we can disprove the lies but it requires effort and it requires risk. The risks are almost always social interface. What will people think if I believe in myself? Will they think I’m arrogant? Better than others? Will I still fit in? It’s no mystery that society feeds us these lies and drives us into compliance with these fucked up ideas by our want to fit in and belong. One of our needs as humans is to be in relationship(s) with others and when we don’t belong or fit in we feel shame. Bingo!

The opportunity;

Identify something that’s important to you and that you want or maybe you have but want more of.
Begin to identify what it’s going to take to get it.
As you identity what it’s going to take to get it recognize that those are your obstacles.
Begin to see in your mind that you CAN overcome those obstacles through creativity, resourcefulness, tenacity, love and force yourself to see the accomplishment, the win, and you overcoming the obstacles.

Rinse, recycle, repeat.

Have a great day. Thanks for your time.

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