How about an additional idea on the two wolves story?

Last week I talked about focus and there being two wolves that live inside a young native boy and him asking his grandfather how to know which wolf will win the fight inside himself.

I know you wanted this so I’m going to complicate the hell out of the dynamic in this story. You can handle it.

First, I’m going to challenge the notion that there’s not a “good” wolf and a “bad” wolf. We have many entities that live inside of us. We aren’t just good or bad. My suggestion is to move beyond this dualistic way of thinking. All parts of us serve a purpose and are needed for something important. Behavior and action are the things to manage not emotions, sensations, and intrinsic parts of ourselves.

Like anger… if anger effects our behavior and we act negatively it’s not the anger that’s the problem, it’s your behavior. Starving that wolf and suppressing anger I suggest is more part of the problem rather than a solution. Get the point? We need to find healthy, mature ways to express and experience what lives inside us.

And how about everyone feeding the “good” wolf so that we’re pleasant all the time and likeable? This could be a crock of shit too. Playing nice is another major problem in society today. Is this you?

Second, I want to introduce you to my friend “harmony”. I suggest to you that the solution is actually harmony. We’re much more complicated than either/or, black or white, and other dualistic ways of trying to live. At any one time we’re likely balancing half a dozen different contributing voices/entities/“wolves”. Like any good cocktail it’s about mixing the ingredients in specific ratios to produce the winning combination. Or… how about good music? Again, it’s a mixture of many different things to create the best sounds.

I have a better question, what are you doing to gain deeper understanding of all that lives inside you and how are you doing at balancing and harmonizing all the parts?

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