A lot of the businesses that I’m seeing are in the process of growing. It’s great! Throughout growth, especially rapid growth, sands are shifting and things evolve in ways that we can’t always stay abreast of. This idea is not just about business though, it’s about life, it’s about relationships, and many other frameworks.

In the beginning of a business or relationship we’re optimizing to a specific characteristic: value, quality, beauty, speed, etc etc. This is thing that’s our highest priority and things are oriented around this particular characteristic. I know that in the beginning of things our efforts are different than after two years or five years or ten.

When we’re going about life or business with others, whether they be colleagues or lovers if we’re not optimizing for the same things we’re going to feel friction and discomfort. If its time to dig in hard and work the value aspect of a startup and another is looking to settle into drop in pace, yeah, you guessed it, friction.

Or when a personal or intimate relationship is in that sweet spot for deeper intimacy, vulnerability, and risk, and another is looking for safety we’re not optimizing for the same thing.

Throughout life, whether business, personal, or just life itself, what we’re optimizing for evolves and changed. When I was young I optimized for money and speed. I thought that would provide value. It made sense since I didn’t have a lot of money but it left quality nowhere to be seen. I had less concern for beauty, which I did want but wasn’t orienting around it and that was a problem.

Since I believe I’m like a lot of other humans, I think we can be unaware of what we’re seeking at one level but wanting another,  and then, to make things more complicated we can’t/don’t communicate what we don’t know and then shit goes south in our relationships, businesses, and life.

The opportunity:

Are you optimizing for something but thinking that something else is important?

Are you on the same page as others in your life?

Where do you need to communicate better with what you’re wanting and with you?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!