The deeper cut on this question and the follow up from Part 1 is that the opposite of anxiety is faith.

faith /fāTH/ noun:
1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something

When we ask ourselves if we’re going to be okay we could either be anxious or have faith. In this case, faith, that no matter what we’re going to make it, pull through, and survive. We also know that ultimately we will be a better person because of what we’ve been shown about ourselves from the struggles.

I know I’m not alone in my quest to fulfill my safety, comfort, and certainty in foolish ways. One of those ways was to source of my okay-ness outside of myself. In objects, in people, in many external, extrinsic things.

It’s probably time, to once again, assess the metrics you’ve been using to understand your okay-ness. Why do you think certain things make you okay? And if we don’t have those things we get anxious, confused, or depressed. When we feel those things we become disconnected and disconnection is the seed of all our pain. Connection to source is our source for fulfillment, peace, ease, and bliss.

The path to success and happiness is to arrive at the place where all of the things I’ve used to define myself have become less necessary and the physical trappings get released. Success, no matter how big, does not create safety and okay-ness.

If belief is certainty and is our attachment to knowing then faith, on the other hand, is being okay in uncertainty. If what you do when you get anxious is to become clingy, controlling, or unmoored eventually will define your life.

The opportunity:

What do you do in an attempt to control outcomes in unhealthy ways?

How have you been outsourcing your okay-ness?

What can you do to move more into a state of faith and surrender?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!