How I Help

I’m high performance, results driven. I’m intense and clear headed. I’m supportive and a great listener. I bring an unbiased, integrated perspective that I use to help assess blind spots that are limiting success. Together, we create solutions for those blind spots. We look at balancing and integrating any areas in an individual’s life.

I support an individual to implement whatever change is necessary to meet their goals and attain success.

I do this by frequently reminding clients during the engagement that motivation, willpower, and self-control are necessary to achieve any goal. I ask introspective questions. I offer people options, ideas and solutions and by creating awareness in how humans make decisions.

People make certain choices because of unconscious negative beliefs that are ingrained in their thinking and ultimately cause bad choices that lead to failing to meet their goals. Together we discover limiting thoughts and gain clarity to set goals that will lead to creating  deeper fulfillment and happiness.
My coaching philosophy is that peer based, interactive coaching feels more authentic and clients can identify with me on a equal footing. I don’t create a power differential where me and my life is never talked about.

I support an individual to discover the deeper reasons for their happiness and success or lack thereof by asking introspective questions and advocating for strategies that alter limiting beliefs.