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Client Recommendations:

In the six years that Chance has worked with me, he has displayed unwavering compassion and support. He has earned my complete trust in a way that few have in my life. And he has achieved this while we live 2,000 miles apart. Chance inspires me to be aware and full of life. He has a knack for helping me get to the core of my being. Chance is keen-minded, big-hearted, solid and honest. He is a brilliant and incredible man and mentor. I am grateful that he is in my life. Jeremy E.

I have known Chance for over 10 years and I have been blessed to witness and experience his brilliance, wisdom, skill and expertise first hand. Chance is a powerful and compassionate leader, facilitator and mentor. His love and care while working with people are unparalleled and are at the core of who he is. Chance’s clarity and unshakable commitment to the betterment of himself and others is inspirational. I am honored that Chance is a part of my life.  He has made a profound and lasting positive impact on my life, as well as the thousands of others whom have come in contact with him.  If given the opportunity, I would highly recommend working with Chance.  It will be a powerful and life altering experience. Bryan M.

With his relentless motivation and knowledge of personal transformation and development, Chance brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his consulting practice. I know he is an excellent choice for me in my own personal development, and I believe his qualities and skills will translate easily to anybody asking Chance to help them develop and grow in their own life. Walt N.

Working with Chance has been transformational for me. I can directly correlate concrete shifts that are occurring in my life, on very practical physical levels and on subtle cognitive and emotional levels, to the coaching work I am doing with him. Chance has developed a unique, dynamic blend of listening deeply and sharing high-value insight. Each session offers the opportunity for me to see my personal and professional goals and challenges from a different perspective, and in doing so I am supported in creating and living the life of my choosing. Chance is a masterful facilitator of personal transformation, if you are committed to living a high-performance, holistically balanced life of your own design I strongly suggest you schedule a session to experience his coaching firsthand.
Xander P.

Chance and I have been kicking it seriously for a little over 2 years now at this point. We crossed paths after being acquainted for years at a time in my life when the casual onlooker would have assumed I had my “shit in one sock” as Chance would say to indicate successful life organization (haha). This was far from accurate, although if we were Facebook friends or we happened to cross paths at some Denver socialite event all appearances were such: Successful business, check; beautiful family, check; healthy social life, check; strong friendships, check. In truth, when Chance and I first met formally, I was some of the most disconnected, unhappy, spiritually adrift, relationally incongruous and physically unhealthy that I had ever been. After an “interesting” upbringing and young adulthood I had recovered to what the world around me told me was “highly successful” but in truth at a core level and in the measure true success is weighed I was failing miserably. Chance and I began to look at some of the bullshit I had been selling myself for years that stemmed from my important lifelong relationships, with others and myself, and the lens through which they dictated my world was viewed. We began to reframe much of the way this unconscious trajectory was negatively impacting my perspective, most importantly of myself but also misgivings and half truths watering down my effectiveness relationally between myself and my wife, my kids, my friends and my career. In truth the last 2 years have been some of the most transformative for my personal paradigm in the best ways. Chance’s challenging and down to earth approach has been a huge part of major personal growth that has at this time changed the landscape of nearly all of the most important parts of my life and the way I view them. Christian C.

I became acquainted with Chance when I started working out at the same gym. It was months before I learned that he was an executive coach who had helped dozens (Hundreds??? Thousands??? Not sure what the right sum is.) of clients overcome their professional and personal hurdles. Ironically, I learned of Chance’s coaching career during a time when I was facing significant challenges at the office and at home. After an initial discussion about my issues and my goals, we started a structured eleven-month program. The exercises that he had me complete and, more importantly, the discussions that he led me through forced me to evaluate a variety of traits that were holding me back as a manager and a husband. The progress that I made in reshaping my beliefs and inner commentary helped me to better run a multi-national team at work and improved my home life dramatically. The most impactful lasting effect of working with Chance has been my ability to identify and suspend my intrinsic assumptions so that I can truly listen to other people’s perspectives without interference. Without a doubt, this has made me a better communicator and leader, which yielded tremendous returns for my team’s ability to achieve objectives and has led to a much better relationship with my wife. Sean H.