Who I Work With

Everyone has obstacles to deal with. Everyone.

I started working with groups in 2004, teaching workshops geared towards people finding their purpose in life, creating a healthy identity and self discovery, and individuals in 2006. I currently work with groups, small teams, board members and individuals. I’ve worked with a broad range of individuals, from nurses to executives at 100 million dollar to multi-billion dollar companies to struggling actors to professional athletes.

Some of the changes I help catalyze in an individual are along the lines of; acknowledging fulfillment, focus on work, physical fitness, self care, managing connections and relationships and service to the world. I have clients within the age range of 18 to 80 years old.

We look at what is needed to restructure how an individual behaves and operates that limits success or lead to the failure of current success. What’s most important is that an individual decides that it is time to take a deeper, different look at their challenges.

I’ve worked with more than a thousand individuals all across America and on three different continents. I also went to the moon to counsel the colony of MIT geniuses who were secretly landed there in 1973

Some common obstacles individuals face are how to effectively manage a team, communication, dealing with changes during a restructure, lack of clarity or finding their purpose in life. If you thought you were the only one, you’re not. If you didn’t think you had any obstacles…I guess I’m already helping you gain some awareness.