Happy New Year! If you want to think of it this way it’s a fresh start. I say this in an attempt to inspire to start whatever you need to in order to be who you want be and do what you need to become that.

A primary intention in my life is to see where I can do better at loving, caring for, and creating beauty with the people that I’m closest with. I’m trying to have this guide me and along the way there are plenty of things knocking me off course. All the changes I make in my life circle back around to that intention.

I examine my life to see where I could be loving the important people in my life better. Oftentimes I can see where I have options to make different choices that will improve that. If I can articulate it clearly it makes the execution of a new way of being pretty easy.

I’ve heard it said in a few different ways but I remember when some of my friends and I were talking years ago we would say,”In order to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” It still is a good question I ask myself when I wake up in a place I’m not liking and wondering how to get myself out of an undesirable situation. How can I live differently in order to create the life I say I want?

With that being said, our minds are a tool. When our minds are honed to work for us rather than us be a slave to it our lives will take on an entirely different form. We think what we want to think and we feel what we want to feel so if you haven’t learned the ways to shape your thoughts and feelings you aren’t in control of your energy. That energy is what I call soul dollars.

Parts of our minds heap on smokescreen after smokescreen to distract each of us from the deeper truths. Those smokescreens cause our thoughts, actions, and feelings to fit the old stories of superficial living. The life of compensating keeps us on a level that’s missing the deeper truths about life and love. We are here for fun and pleasure. We’re here to be happy and connect. 

Change occurs by learning. When we open our minds to learn, it means that we’re seeking to see where we’re wrong and that we could be different. Learning means that we put something in our paths to intentionally change our perspective. I used to think X about Y and Y causes me to feel Q, now I think T about Y and now I feel Z.

So maybe what you want to do is to meditate on what thoughts you’re having and how that impact the way that you approach life? And then how can you change those thoughts in order to get the impacts that you want? I would argue that you need to observe those thoughts without attaching judgments or shame to them too.

Inquiry hopefully causes us to discover different perspectives and then we have to choose to live and behave aligned to that new perspective until that becomes a habit and pattern.

Change is simply doing something different but that’s why it’s so much work.

The opportunity:

What are you doing to seek out new perspectives?

What do you need to put in your path and learn this year?

How will you specifically behave differently?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!