We all have needs from the basic human ones to the ones based on deep spiritual seeking in order to understand what isn’t known or that we currently understand.

One of those needs is to give something to the world. To contribute in some way. With a certain level of inquiry we understand that we envision a type world that we want to live in and also that’s created for others.

This is what I believe happens when we donate, get involved with, or align ourselves with a cause that’s deeply fulfilling. The human psyche yearns for this and needs this so without that being rooted at our core something will feel like it’s missing.

Here’s where the superpower comes in… Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

You discovering your “why” is talked about everywhere and often. You know, that feeling of wanting? That deep yearning in your gut that keeps tugging at you and telling your that there’s more to life?! It’s delivering important information that most of us/you are trying to numb out, drown out, or quiet in the mind and body.

You might be surprised to hear that when I ask people what their superpower is they often don’t have an answer. You DO have a superpower. Maybe it’s charisma? Maybe it’s deep intuition? Maybe it’s the ability to collaborate or make peace.

If you’re like me you found it at a young age and used it to get what you wanted from others by manipulating, seeking self oriented things, and/or being out of balance with the natural give and take in the world. It was later that I found out that my superpower (also known as my greatest gift) provided the deepest fulfillment when I utilized it to serve the world.

The combination of these two things has a sweet spot. Optimizing and balancing the sweet spot is key to “real success”. If you don’t have a firm grip and plan with giving your superpower to the world you’re not really successful and you know it deep inside.

The opportunity;

What is your superpower?
How do you use your superpower in selfish ways?
How do you use your superpower to serve the world?
What will you have to let go of in order to get more aligned with your superpower and giving it to the world?