Our lives are almost completely based off of the lens we see the world. As we have experiences throughout childhood we begin to create an inner map of what happens in the cause and effect dynamics all around us. This map is formed to such an extent that we no longer have to think about it at some point and it runs it’s course automatically. This is essentially our “training”.

I love the idea of training ourselves to have, do, and be certain things. It also goes the same in training ourselves to not do or be certain things as well. A simple example would be training to run a certain distance in a certain amount of time. Repetition with expanded capacity doing more and more of what you want to be doing while knowing that you’ve never done it before or you can’t do it right now.

This is where perspective comes in-that lens I was talking about. Our perspective is shaped by our inner map. Our inner map is also connected to our values. If we value safety and our inner map shows us that we’re likely to get hurt if we skydive then we’re probably not going to go skydiving. Alright, you’re probably getting the point.

The perspective I want to talk about right here and now is the perspective of the victim. I’ve been there and still am from time to time, most of us have. This  mentality has me up against the world and all alone. I feel bombarded by things and like I’m “NEVER” going to find a way out of all the problems I have. OR… believing that there’s something special about me because everyone is out to get me. Me. Why me?

The perspective I offer you to try on is this; I/you/we get to have challenges. I’ve earned such a place in this world that I get to have things come my way that are opportunities to learn and grow. “Struggle is a terrible thing to waste.” With the mindset and commitment to be a lifelong learner we know that the way to learn and grow it to challenge ourselves so quit your complaining.

How you approach life with the things that you face every day is the definition of #mindset. And the ability to become conscious to subjectively see that our problems are another persons dreams and other peoples challenges are things we wish we could be facing.

The opportunity;

What’s something that challenged you in the last week?

What did you learn from that challenge?

What was your ratio of complaining to appreciating the challenge?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!