Change occurs. No matter what change is going to keep happening. But we do have choices, we can resist, we can embrace it, we can ignore it or we can create it.

As we engage in change, we choose consciously or unconsciously to enter the sea of change with a particular mindset…a mental state.

In the space of equilibrium and complacency we feel very little or no fear. We’re comfortable and we’re safe. For some, this state of being is where they want to remain at all times. They’ll often do whatever they can to stay in this state whether current circumstances are working or not. They want to stay in the same sphere of relationships, think the same thoughts and live in somewhat of a bubble.

And some people are not happy in the simple ease of being status quo. They aren’t content with just being comfortable. They believe that things that aren’t going well could be changed and possibly made better. They’ve created a mindset of changing and improving themselves and things around them. They choose to stretch and learn which takes effort. They also keep their focus on the bigger prize or long term goals that aren’t necessarily going to be easy.

Other traits we might find desirable in change is someone who doesn’t mind leading or doesn’t mind following. They embrace change and see it as an opportunity to be creative. They also like to think of themselves as being on the cutting edge and an agent of change.

Some individuals with even the slightest amount of change find themselves in terror, panic or become paralyzed. The fact is, any of us can be taken beyond our limits of comfortable change and find ourselves averse to that tension.

One of my mottos is “Small changes over a long period of time.” We can integrate it better and it’s sustainable. Most can handle short bursts of major change and we bank on that being what it takes to create shifts in our lives. It isn’t though. It’s challenging to stay motivated and exercise the willpower needed to stay focused on the long term desired outcome.

How do you think you are with change? In your personal relationships, business, your physical being?