Humans have a handful of basic psychological needs. These are things that are hard wired in all of us. I’m going to tease you and not give you all of them right now but one of them is our need to evolve, grow and transform. We need this. Young, old, male, female-all are wired for growth.

Some confuse accomplishment with growth. Some think the more “things” that they can amass the more they’ve grown. Usually, they’re left unfulfilled and in a seemingly continuous loop of more, more, more. You might very well be this person and if you’re not you know someone who’s this way.

If you’ve read some of my other posts you’d know that I write about change a lot. It’s a primary topic and at the heart of my work with people. You’ll see that we’re also wired for certainty which can drive the best of us to comfort and homeostasis.

Do you see the conflict or paradox here? If you’re a black and white, dualistic kind of a person this can be a source of suffering and discontent. I suggest you open your mind to the possibility of both/and. Both are important and needed and should be sought from a place of consciousness and care.

Here’s my idea…what we really want is not necessarily more but something deeper, richer and more fully expressed. As scary as intimacy is we want it, we want and need deeper intimacy with ourselves and others in our sphere. We all have passion and we want to touch and feel that passion ever more deeply.

We all have a calling for something “more”. How do you get in touch with that feeling and how do we use it to drive us to fully expressed lives? Do you actually listen to that voice or do you push it away for the sake of safety and comfort?

Like always, share this with others who you think would benefit from this.