My theory, which is based on things I’ve read (and of course FOX News), is that there are different levels of living our lives. Meaning there’s actually a scale of consciousness or way of being where there are higher and lower levels. We live life in alignment with this scale and as we grow and evolve we’re able to live within higher and higher states of being. Everything within our sphere begins to reflect certain stage of development we’re in.

I know most have heard of the “law of attraction” and if you haven’t heard of that then you’ve may have heard the term “you reap what you sow”. I’m no farmer and I’m not a Christian but this is a law of life to me. You simply get what you give.

There is a part of us that is constantly seeking to substantiate certain negative realities. Meaning, we look for reasons and find ways to make sense of the world being the way it is. And…this is relative and subjective to all of us. So, if we look for the world to be evil and broken we will certainly find plenty of reasons through minimal observations to support that reality. I think it’s less risky too since that otherwise would require us to go against the grain of what we’re fed by society and media.

There’s a part in all of us that wants to go to sleep and live out a life of limitations. That part says, we can only ever be what has been previously laid out before us. And here’s the deal, we cannot rewrite our history but it can dictate our lives if we do nothing. At what point will you give up your attachment on a better past and just move on with today?

Here’s my little surprise for you…we all do this. We risk less, we blend in and we seek to see negativity in the world. We all have a resolve at our core that the world is broken. Some of us live our lives through that lens, while some of us do what we can not to feed that hungry part of ourselves being triggered by our surroundings.

My suggestion is that you look for beauty, it’s everywhere. My suggestion is that you look for connection and love, we’re bombarded by it constantly. Seek positivity today, it’s there.

With all this being said, we must focus on what we want. I also believe that what we truly want deep at our core is the most good for the most people on this planet. We want to do what’s life giving! Your purpose is also certainly life giving to the planet. Use discernment to make responsible choices about what is best going to put you in alignment with your purpose.