One of our basic human needs is evolution. We all want to grow. This makes sense in our pursuit of higher states of consciousness. It’s also why the #woke movement is happening. In this day and age of amazon prime, one day shipping or even same day delivery. We can leverage opportunities but in the end time takes time. Many if not all at one time look for the shortcut including yours truly.

If you’re looking for the hack, shortcut, easy way, or some other strategy you’re missing the whole point.

Waking up is actually painful and challenging. Society imprints so many myths on us and deconstructing them poses threat to our ego as well as the conceptualizations that we base our entire reality around. Yeah… fuck! Although many parts of our imprinting are false and ridiculous the idea that we need to accept that reality and then be in the turmoil of extreme unknown is unfathomable to most. And terrifying.

Here are a couple of examples I want to point out and they happen really often within our own lives and/or all around us.

We live an imbalanced life so we try to hack certain things to continue to stay imbalanced rather than just give up the truly less important things and find the balance. (Working too long of hours with the addition of drugs and/or stimulants.)

We continue relationships that drive us crazy or are toxic but rather than change them or end them we take a pill to make the obvious go away. (Say hello to anti-anxiety medications.)

Or insert your version here_____.

Start now, stay the course, and get back on as many times as you fall off. Incremental progress at a moderate rate is what might be best for the long game. Lap after lap and season after season we explore ourselves. Time under tension. You have to actually get the experiences. The only way out is through. This is the ten year plan or twenty year plan or… the lifetime pursuit.

So you have to face yourself. Facing yourself so that you can figure out which part of you should have the keys to the car and be driving you to your ultimate destination. What’s important to you and why?

Last week I talked about how you use your time and how you should be using it wisely. And… what are humans really after? What are you after? Congruence? Wholeness? Connection?

The opportunity;

What would be the most important facets of your ten year plan? (Health, relationships, service, etc etc…)

What have you done before in your life that took a decade to figure out?

What’s the main thing you know you need to take off your plate to move towards living a life of deep meaning before you die?