I posted something on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. It stated this;

If you are unclear, try this: When you get to the end, what are you unwilling to say you have not done? Do those things. Do that. First. Now.

Another great quote: The trouble is you think you have more time. ~Buddha

Here’s the deal…if you’re not doing what you know deep down inside is life giving to yourself and the important people around you ask yourself why…and, seriously, I want to know. I think somewhere inside you it’s clear and it’s easy to answer.

Life is fleeting. We never know when circumstances can change and what we’ve taken for granted can no longer be expressed, experienced or completed.

I wouldn’t say I’ve suffered a lot of grief but I’ve suffered enough to know that it has taught me more about love and connection than anything else ever has. I don’t often miss out on an opportunity to say goodbye anymore. As hard as goodbyes can be they mark the end of something…a completion. And then something new.

We all have reasons why we’re not living the life we say we want to. To ourselves those reasons are important or they wouldn’t dictate our lives in the way that they do. I offer you this though, what you base your reasons and what is of such importance are often old and outdated. They deserve to be made current and updated.

You deserve to do this for yourself. Do it now.