I want to share with you two ways to approach growth, incremental advances and quantum leaps. There might be more but I’m going to act like these are the only ways and act like a know it all. Growth is hard wired into all of us. Some of us get caught up trying to grow our wealth and eventually find out that it’s a dead end when it comes to fulfillment, not to mention the costs it often has on your family and health. Another form of growth that’s off the mark is growing our midline. Growing your bodyweight, aside from medical conditions, is your way of amassing comfort. If you build that up in your life(comfort), again, you’re going to have issues.

The kind of growth I’m talking about is learning about your needs by learning about yourself, seeing what works and doesn’t work, and creating conscious shifts to alter your view of yourself, others, and the world.

The two types of growth I want to inspire you to pursue are, A.) less often single bursts that lead to quantum leaps and B.) ongoing, incremental advances that lead to integrated shifts over a long period of time.

Here are some examples and how they work for the two approaches;
A.)taking a weekend workshop or retreat that’s completely outside your current sphere for how you currently live life. Doing something like ayahuasca (or another psychedelic in a mindful way) for an evening or weekend.

This approach to growth is like getting shocked with 50,000 volts, it excites and scatters our particles, disrupts our lives, creates uncertainty and disorder, and introduces gaps where new ideas and perspective can find a way into you.

B.)ongoing weekly coaching, therapy, support groups, ongoing daily practices like meditation, affirmations, exercise, reading certain literature.

The ongoing daily or weekly shifts approach to change is the grind. It’s the tenacious, committed, and incremental way that creates integrated shifts over time. This is the same way people save money for retirement. This is the same way we lose or gain weight in healthy ways.

We need do be doing both of these. Shifts happen in bursts as well as over long sustained campaigns of effort to think, behave, and choose differently.

Here’s the opportunity;

Three things that help to create shifts are being around people with different perspectives, books, and travel (whether geographically or in our minds).

What is a book you want to read and explore that’s currently outside your current way of thinking?
What’s a weekly group meeting or daily practice that you’ve been thinking about?

Act on the answers to those two questions.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.