I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. -Albert Einstein

There are so many ways to approach life; some good, some not so good, most being alright though. We can view the world as overwhelming, dangerous, and risky or as interesting, fascinating, and wonderful.

I lived most of my childhood in fear. That fear turned into numbness. Slowly I began to be afraid again but that was mostly because I was no longer able to feel anything anymore. *Who’s been there? While I was afraid I wasn’t curious. While I was numb I wasn’t curious. I’ve grown to be a person that attempts to find things as tests, teachable moments, or lessons in life as much as I can. It takes a certain mindset to do this.

It isn’t always possible but over time I’ve grown accustom to reframing things as valuable opportunities to learn about myself. This is easier said than done and while we’re in the middle of these events and experiences it sure the hell doesn’t feel that way.

The other side of the spectrum from curiosity is disinterest or indifference. I’ve been there. When we already know everything we have nothing to learn. When was the last time you said out loud or told yourself, “I already know this. I’ve got this down.” Or some other version. And when have you told yourself this when you actually didn’t already know it and you didn’t have it down?

Here’s a good rule to live by; seek first to understand and then to be understood. How many times would that have some in handy with a friend, business associate, or life partner?

When we acknowledge our ignorance we tend to listen more and pay attention. When we think to ourselves in a healthy way,”What am I missing? What can I learn from this situation?” We put ourselves in the mindset to learn, discover, and grow.

In order to grow we need to be in a space to take on other perspectives, ideas, and realities. If you’re unhappy, you want this. If you’re happy, stay on the track you’re on and help the rest of us.

The opportunity;

What’s something that you have a moderate aversion to? (Politics, religion, bigotry, mental instability, addiction.)

How old are the beliefs you currently hold about the topic? (What age were you when you were imprinted with these beliefs and how old are you now? Do the math.)

How closed off are you to learning more about it?

Can you approach the situation with more objectivity?

I’m not saying you have to adopt the perspective of these things but simply to learn more about it without the intense emotional experience that normally comes with it. Your emotions can inhibit you from going towards things that challenge your beliefs or imprinting.